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Trade & Transport Law Association

Where Law meets Business

TTLA is one of the associations of the JFR (Rotterdam Law Association). We are the overarching association between the four Commercial Law LLMs at Erasmus University Rotterdam and we organize activities related to trade and transport law, with an eye towards the business side. 

Our Services

Our Activities

Social Activities

Live and enjoy every moment of student life! TTLA offers a broad variety of social activities; get acquainted with staff and fellow students that share your passion for trade and transport law.

World Port

TTLA is located at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in close vicinity to the largest port on the Western hemisphere. Thanks to our close ties to the trade and transportation sector we are able to offer valuable insight into the practice of legal professionals in this world port city.

Career Opportunities

As the only study association for trade and transport law, we facilitate career opportunities for aspiring students in this field of work. Be it internships or starting positions, our partnering organizations will keep a keen eye out for you.

International Community

Far away from your roots? Make the world port city your home away from home. Get to know our community of international students; share experiences, organize activities and meet your new friends in Rotterdam!

Our Partners


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